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Vessel based services include passenger transport, crew transport, kayak transport, freight shipping, parts shipping, towing, marine rescue and consultation services. 


We offer local advice on kayak trips, drop off points, wildlife and have the best camping spot recommendations: we've seen them all.



The Boats:

Rainbow Chaser & Intrepid are 29 foot welded aluminum boats built by Coastal Craft, the premier aluminum boat builder on the Pacific coast.  The boats are seaworthy, warm, dry, and built to Transport Canada specifications.  Our captains are knowledgeable, professional, friendly and ready to assist you in any aspect of your voyage, from planning your trip to helping you pack your load.  We get you where you want to go - since 1989.


Trip Preparation

  • Please be at the dock with your gear 10 minutes ahead of departure.

  • All gear except sensitive personal luggage is transported on the outside deck. 

  • Prepare baggage accordingly by using black plastic bags or tarps if necessary.


Vessel Capacity

  • 12 Passengers

  • 3000 pounds inclusive of passengers and gear

  • 6 Single Kayaks

  • 5 Double Kayaks


  • Vessel Capability

  • Departure in rough conditions at the discretion of the Captain

  • Departures in winds up to 35 knots

  • Capable of conducting tows on boats up to 30 feet in length

  • Ready for Vessel Assist

  • Equipped for Kayak Rescue due to high winds and other unforeseen events

Taxi Rate

  • $236 Per Hour

  • *Rate may be subject to fuel surcharges or change without notice.

Standby Rate

  • $75 per hour June thru September

  • $50 per hour October thru May

Rate & Trip Information

Please Note: Hourly rates apply to the duration of time the vessel is deployed from Port McNeill round trip to your destination.




Jennifer: 250-956-4047



James - Water Taxi:  250-230-2722

Don - Admin: 250-949-1555

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